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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

THE LEE AUTO-DISK RISER is a spacer fitting that elevates the position of the powder dispensing system so that it clears the primer feeder when the turret is rotated.

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How To Install The Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041


If you reload ammunition with a Lee Four Hole Turret Press w/ Auto Index #90932, the Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure # 90429 and the Safety Primer #90997 you will need to buy the Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041. You can't use the Safety Primer without it.


Lee Classic Turret Press Auto Disk Riser Md: 90041

Lee Classic Turret Press
Auto Disk Riser Md: 90041

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Why You Need The Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041

When you assemble and install your turret press setup with the above equipment and try to rotate the turret you will find that the powder measure will hit the primer feeder. To avoid this interference the powder measure must be raised up out of the way using a Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041.


Auto-Disk Riser Installation
Installed on Lee Classic Turret Press Auto Disk Riser Md: 90041 Lee Auto Disk Riser Md: 90041
Installed on Lee Classic Turret Press Provides Clearance Remove Top Fitting

Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation

  1. Unscrew and remove the top fitting from the Lee Powder Through Expanding Die (see picture).

  2. Screw the Lee Auto-Disk Riser (with o-ring) into the top of the Lee Powder Through Expanding Die finger tight.

  3. Then screw the Powder Measure (with o-ring) into the top of the Riser finger tight.

  4. IMPORTANT- The main body or hopper portion of the Powder Measure must be positioned directly over the CENTER OF THE TURRET. If it isn't, it may still interfere with the Primer Feeder. Adjust it's position by slowly rotating the Powder Measure. Some people buy and stack two Risers together to avoid all possible obstructions (not necessary).

Installation Steps

Powder Through Expanding Dye 1. This is what the Powder Through Expanding Dye looks like. Install it per the instructions that came with the dye.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 2. This is the nut/coupling that must be removed to use the Lee Auto Disk Riser. It's called a funnel adapter.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser 3. Remove the funnel adapter and associated o-ring. Set it aside as this will not be used with the riser.
Auto-Disk Riser 4. Funnel adapter removed. If you look inside the dye you will see a metal tube.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation 5. This is the metal tube and how it goes inside the dye. It just slips in.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation 1 6. This is the metal tube installed in the dye.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Install 7. This shows the configuration of how the riser, metal tube and powder measure will go together.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation 3 8. Screw in the Lee Auto Disk Riser. Be sure the o-ring is installed as shown.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation 4 9. Tighten snug tight. Do not over-tighten.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation 5 10. Install the metal tube in the riser. This is "another" tube that came with the riser.
Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041 Installation 6Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure 11. Detail pictures of the Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure. Note the o-ring on the bottom.
Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure Installation 12. Screw in the Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure. Snug tight only. The o-ring provides the seal.
Powder Measure Installation 13. Align as shown so the main body is centered over the flange. Use the dye jam nut for alignment purposes if required.
Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure Disc Installation 14. Select the correct measure disk for your reloading activities.
Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure Installation 6 15. Install the disk on the powder measure. The lever will fit inside the slot of the disk.
Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure Installation 7 16. Install the hopper.
Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure Installation 8 17. Install two knurled brass nuts (one each side) to hold the hopper on the powder measure.
Lee Reloading System 18. Installation is complete.
Lee Turret Press 19. If you rotate the turret, this is how far away the powder measure comes to the primer feeder. It's close, but it works.
Lee Auto Disk Riser Installation Sheet 20. This is the instruction sheet that comes with the Riser.


Feedback & Comments


Sent: Thursday, August 1, 2011
Subject: Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041

In your picture, the rounded portion of the metal washer fits nicely into the raised rim of plastic on top of the mounting unit. if i try to do that, the holes are not lined up and the screw is canted. so, i tried turning the washer and it kinda fits. what's wrong? where does the black plastic washer go? under it all next to the press,or on top? mel

Response - Mel,
Sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to describe and it's been a long time since I installed it. I would be willing to take more pictures of my installation if you think that will help but the pictures that I already taken seem to show all the details. Best regards, Tanner

Follow-up - Tanner,
This service of yours is beyond the call. It is terrific. Many thanks. No, do not take more pictures. If anything I will do the photography to help explain my problem. But, perhaps I could call you. It is too late for me tonight (I rise at 6) but perhaps tomorrow evening? Of course, I'll need your phone number. My day number is xxx-xxx-xxxx which goes to my cell. My Cable Vision number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Mel

Response - Mel,
Sorry, but I don’t’ do phone calls. I took another look at my web page and decided to upgrade it. It was one of my earlier pages and needed some work. Also, my powder measure system needed a good cleaning anyway, so I took it apart and cleaned it. When I re-installed it, I took a lot of pictures that show step by step how it goes together.

If you have the same equipment that I do, these pictures should make it clear. Let me know how it works out for you.
Best regards, Tanner

Follow-up - Tanner,
O.K. I'm doing good. Looked at the pictures and can see how to start to mount the primer feed. I see the bolt, the odd shaped washer (and how the three arms fit the plastic mount) and the direction in which the skinney plastic thing goes. But, since this a leson on the poweder dispenser, I cannot see how the rest of the primer feed is attached. Thanks, Mel

Response - Mel,
The primer feeder is a lot easier than the powder dispenser. I’ll make up a quick web page for that that should explain it. Tanner

Sorry Mel,
I completed the page with lots of pics and was just a few minutes away from sending you the link then my computer went belly up and I lost everything. I’m done for the night. Tanner


Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2011
Subject: Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041

I recently purchased a lee turret 4 hole press and the auto disc riser did not come in the box. I cannot use my auto powder disc feeder, so I have to use primative methods. "dipper and funnel." how can I order the auto disc riser? and how much?

Response - David,

I bought mine from Here is the link. (I have also added the link to my web page).Lee Classic Turret Press Auto Disk Riser Md: 90041It costs $7.99 and according to the page there are three left in stock.The auto powder measure will make all the difference. I couldn’t imagine reloading without it.

Best regards,


Follow-up Message From David

Thanks tanner for the info. I'll get one.


Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011
Subject: Lee Auto-Disk Riser #90041

Auto disc powder riser words great with 45 acp and 38 special but does not fully open disc for powder drop on 357 mag. can you help. thanks, Kirby

Response - Kirby,

Sorry, I have no experience with reloading 357 magnum and have never ran into that problem. I would have thought it would be the other way around since the 357 is longer than the 38 special and would have more vertical travel. Have you tried reloading a 357 case without the riser? I did a quick search on the internet and could not find others with you problem except possibly here.

"The disc is not returning to "battery". Mine has done this with WST powder. I simply loosen the retaining nuts/screws on the bottom by about a half turn and that eliminated the problem."



Lee Precision #90041

The Lee Auto-Disk Riser allows use of other brands of dies that have extended adjusting screws and provides clearance for the Lee Safety Prime.


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