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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

WHY TUMBLE YOUR BRASS CASES? - Tumbling your brass in a case tumbler cleans them and makes them shiny for reloading. Making them shiny isn't critical but cleaning the inside of the case is essential for removing crud and contaminants.

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Brass Case Tumbler Review
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Vibratory Case Tumbler



If you are going to reload your own ammunition you are going to have to clean your brass first. Using a Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler makes this quick and easy. I've had my case tumber for almost 3 years and have cleaned over 18,000 cases with it. I have had no problems with it and it's still running fine. I WOULD RECOMMEND this case tumbler to other re-loaders.

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler
Frankford Arsenal Case Tumbler

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Cleaning and polishing is easy with this tumbler. All I do is take it out to my garage, plug it in, add the media, the brass and the polish then turn it on. I usually let it run for an hour and a half then I check the brass to see if it is clean enough. If I want it super shiny, I let it run longer but I really just want brass that is clean on the inside and won't dirty up my hands when I touch it. Being shiny really doesn't matter with regard to functionality and besides who is going to see it. The main reason I clean my brass is to have a clean primer pocket and to have it case clean on the inside so that old crud won't contaminate my new gun powder when I reload it.

Brass tumbling kit
The tumbler, the separator and the bucket for catching the sifted media.
Tumbler lid
Installing the lid on the tumber.
Brass tumbler
The lid is held in place with a flat washer and wing nut.
Ammo case cleaner
The tumbler will vibrate the brass and the media. The media rubs against the brass and cleans and polishing them.
Specifications tag
Specifications tag.
Brass tumbler owner's manual
The owner's manual.

How To Tumble
Brass tumber
Remove Cover
(from the tumber)
Brass tumber and cleaning media
Get Your Cleaning Media
(shown in the bucket)
Add medial to brass tumbler
Add Cleaning Media
brass cleaning media
Cleaning Media
(inside the tumber)
Brass cleaning media
Cleaning Media
(remove any large chunks of old debris, if any)
Tumbling brass cases.
Add Your Brass
(while the tumber is running, add them slowly to get even distribution)
Polishing brass cases
Add Polish
Cleaning brass for reloading
Install Cover, Washer & Wing Nut
Tumbling brass cases.
Snug Down Wing Nut
(not too tight or you may break the lid. just tight enough to keep it from rattling when it is running.

Separate The Cleaned Cases From The Media
Brass separator bucket
Add hinges to bucket
Brass separator kit
Install basket
Brass separator bucket, basket and media
Open the basket
Adding brass to separator
Add media
(With cleaned cases)
Closing lid on brass case separator
Close lid and secure top
Rotating to separate brass from cleaning media.
Rotate handle to sift media

Product Description - Clean, attractive brass should be the goal of every reloader. Cleaning by tumbling is the economical, safe first step in assembling quality hand-loads. Besides ensuring long life for the most valuable component of your ammunition, cleaning your brass will help reduce wear and tear on your expensive reloading dies, not to mention the chamber of your firearm. Grit and grime from uncleaned brass can become imbedded in the inner surfaces of your sizing dies, scratching and marring every subsequent case. The same grime can be expected to accelerate wear in the chamber and feeding system of your rifle or handgun. The Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit includes all components necessary to tumble brass with professional results.

Product Features - Includes Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler, Quick-N-EZ Rotary Media Separator, 4 oz Polish , 3 lbs Cleaning Media, and Plastic Bucket

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Frankford Tumblers

February 18, 2012
Just a comment regarding Frankford. I had an older model Frankford tumbler kit. The motor finally worn out after about 10 yrs. I loved it. I was going to buy another but I found out that the new one won't/can't use the older media containers. That was a disappointment. So I bought a Lyman which can use the older Frankford containers. Why Frankford changed their tumbler containers is beyond me. The only difference I can see is that the center portion of the container is lower than the older one. So it will not sit right on the new model tumbler. Not sure what use others got out of the older Frankford, but I used mine almost everyday for 10 years...if it ain't broke don't fix it. Call me cheap but we all have our 'cleaning' routines and mine required at least 2 media containers. I now have 3 so my cleaning routine is even more stream lined.


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Brass separator bucket Securing the separator lid Installing pin in separator
Adding hinges to separator bucket Vibrating brass tumbler Brass tumbling kit.
Media bucket. Tumber Brass cleaning kit


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