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Reloading Ammunition
 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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Reloading Equipment For A Beginner


I was new to reloading ammunition and have just completed my research as the reloading equipment and accessories that I will need to reload 9mm Luger ammunition. I decided on the following equipment for the following reasons. I first did a ton of research and documented it as follows.


Lee Classic Turret Press
Lee Classic Turret Press

Reloading Bench
Reloading Bench

Laser Bullet for Gun Training

Reloading Components

Reloading Equipment


Should I Buy a Reloading Kit or Buy a Press Plus Individual Parts?

I decided that a complete reloading kit was my best bet and the best value for my money. From the research I did it seemed like Lee presses had the most economical, yet quality presses and accessories (according to many customer reviews) that I read. Since these kits are specifically assembled to provide everything they you need for reloading, I wouldn't need to spend more time researching the component parts that I need and compatibility of equipment.

What Type of Press Should I Buy?

I decided that the turret style press suited me best. I plan to reload only 9mm Luger ammunition. With this press I should be able to set the dyes on the turret, make adjustments and reload fairly quickly. The nice thing I like about this setup is that I can reload week after week without re-adjusting each time. That should save a bunch of work and time.


I decided to buy the following Equipment

(TOTAL EQUIPMENT COST = $208) (powder, primers and bullets will come later)

Lee Cast Iron Deluxe Turret Press 4 Hole w/Auto Index Reload $103.00
- Turret Press
- Auto Disk Powder Measure
- Lee Safety Scale
- A primer pocket cleaner
- Cutter and lock stud to trim the cases
- Chamfer tool to debur cases after trimming.

Lee Deluxe Pistol Carbide 4-Die Set w/Shell holder For 9MM Luger $36.00
Set includes:
* Carbide Factory Crimp Die
* Powder Through Expanding Die
* Bullet Seat & Feed Die
* Carbide Sizing Die * Shell holder
* Powder measure and charge table

Lee "Modern Reloading 2nd Edition" Reloading Manual Product $13.99

Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler $39.61
(Cleaning Media and Brass Polish I'll get later)

Frankford Arsenal Impact Bullet Puller Product $14.79

Calipers (I already have)

Eye protection (I already have)

Latex gloves for handling used tumbler media (I already have)

I decided to upgrade the press and ended up purchasing the following equipment.
The press and dies were cheap. All those other accessories really add up.


Grand Total (including shipping): $438.93

Description Quantity Ship Price Total
Lee Auto-Disk Adjustable Powder Charge Bar 1 1 $9.99 $9.99
Impact Bullet Puller 1 1 $14.79 $14.79
Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure 1 1 $37.99 $37.99
Lee Chamfer and Deburring Tool 1 1 $2.79 $2.79
Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Case Tumbler Kit Md: 645-880 1 1 $73.99 $73.99
Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner 1 1 $2.09 $2.09
Lee 2nd Edition Reloading Manual Md: 90277 1 1 $13.99 $13.99
Lee Safety Prime Small and Large Primer Feeder for 2006, Later Reloading Press 1 1 $20.99 $20.99
Lee Classic Turret Press 1 1 $94.99 $94.99
RCBS Rangemaster 750 Scale AC/DC Md: 98927 1 1 $104.99 $104.99
Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set 9mm Luger 1 1 $36.99 $36.99

Calipers (I already have)
Eye protection (I already have)
Latex gloves for handling used tumbler media (I already have)
inspection magnifying glass with light (I already have)
small hand held light (I already have)
(2) Hornady Universal Reloading Tray 50-Round ($7.79) - future purchase
go gage or headspace gage, 9mm - future purchase
labels (I'll make my own)
small ammo boxes (use old ammo boxes)
ammo trays (use old trays from ammo box purchases)

Lee Classic Turret Press 90064 140.00

Reloading Component Costs

  1. primers were ~ $40/1000, ($31.99)

  2. the powder was $23/pound

  3. 115 grain plated bullets $55/500


Feedback & Comments

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 9:10 PM

I'm looking to get started in doing my own reloading as a hobby since it was something my father started teaching before passing away I like to do reloads for 9mm 40 to and 7.62 what would I possibly be looking at spending to get started (books and equipment) and how to get it. Thanks.


Response - Drew,

For just reloading 9mm I spent $439 on the equipment. The equipment that I selected and the prices that I paid are here.

You would need and additional set of dyes for the .40, .45 and 7.62 (about $30 each). Total equipment cost would be around $540. You can get by cheaper or more expensive depending on what equipment you buy.

For consumables you would need primers, powder, bullets and cases.

cases - free range pickups
bullets - I buy mine from
powder - I buy mine from

You have a lot of research to do and a lot of choices to make.

Good luck,



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Mike Coviello is a former aerospace engineer, now Web Designer/SEO Consultant. Hobbies include shooting zombies & reloading ammunition.






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