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Reloading Ammunition
 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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Lee Turret Press Operation


Step by step instructions and pictures showing the operation of a Lee Classic Turret Press for reloading 9mm Luger cases.


9MM Luger Reloading Setup

Laser Bullet for Gun Training

Reloading Components

Reloading Equipment


Pictorial operation of the Lee Classic Turret Press for reloading 9mm Luger cases.


9mm luger Bullets
Plated 9mm Luger Bullets from Berry's Bullets.
9mm Luger Brass Cases
Brass cases after they have been cleaned and polished in my brass tumbler.
Eye protection for reloading
You always have to wear eye protection when reloading. I wear an old pair of shooting glasses.
Wolf small pistol primers
Small pistol primers used for reloading 9mm Luger. One box holds 100 primers.
Smokeless Powder
Smokeless  powder (gunpowder) for reloading. I use Titegroup for reloading 9mm Luger.
Smokeless Powder for reloading ammo
This is where the smokeless powder goes during setup of the press.
Reloading primer feeder
This is the primer feeder that is used with my Lee Turret press. It holds over 100 primers.
Lee Turret Press
This is my Lee Turret Press that is ready for reloading 9mm Luger cases. The actual reloading operation begins at the next step.
9mm Luger brass case in press
I placed a 9mm Luger brass case in the shell holder.
Ram of reloading press
I pull the handle of the press down. The ram rises and forced the case into the corresponding dye which de-primes and resizes.
Installing primer
With the handle still down the arm (and cup) is ready to receive a new primer.
Primer feeder operation
Using my thumb to push the feeder against the arm inserts a primer into the primer cup.
Small pistol primer installation
This picture shows the primer installed in the cup.
Small pistol primer installation 2
I then pull the handle up which forces the ram of the press back down. The turret on top rotates to the next position which contains a different dye/mechanism.
Removing the old primer
I removed the case to show that the old primer has been removed.
Primer installation
I put it back and fully raise the handle using force. This pushes the new primer into the primer pocket of the brass.
New primer installed
I removed the case to show that the new primer has been installed.
I replaced it back into the shell holder.
Adding powder to shell case
I am starting to pull he hand down for a second time. This forces the ram up and dispenses powder into the case.
Powder in case
Pulling the handle back up retracts the ram to the lower position. See that the case now contains powder.
Smokeless powder in 9mm case
Another picture showing the dispensed powder.
Gunpowder in 9mm case
I removed the case to get a better picture of it. I then put it back into the shell holder.
Installing the bullet
I then manually place a bullet on top case containing the powder.
9mm bullet installation
The bullet just sits on top of the case mouth.
Setting the bullet
I pull the handle down for the third time. This sends the ram up and the bullet is pressed to the correct depth.
Setting the bullet 2
Raising the handle rotates the turret again returns the ram to the lower position.
Setting the bullet 3
Pulling down on the handle for the fourth an final time forces the ram up into the crimping dye. This flattens (and in some cases crimps) the mouth of the case against the bullet.
Setting the bullet 4
Pulling the handle back up returns the ram to the low position. The reload is now complete and ready for inspection.
Setting the bullet 5
Removing the reload from the shell holder.
Completed 9mm Luger reload.
Completed 9mm Luger reload.
Another view of the round.
Another view of the round.
Another view of the round 2
Another view showing that the primer is flush (or slightly recessed) with the bottom.


Press Vendor Information
Considered one of the most convenient presses to own, the Classic Turret Press features solid cast iron construction, the same steel linkage of the Classic Cast Press. Made from steel and cast iron, the Classic Turret works with small and large primers on the lever prime system. The Auto-Indexing feature can easily be deactivated, leaving the ram with 3-9" of stroke length.


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Mike Coviello is a former aerospace engineer, now Web Designer/SEO Consultant. Hobbies include shooting zombies & reloading ammunition.






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