Making Reloads On A Press

Reloading Ammunition
 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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Shell Holder; 9mm Luger


Its' the part of a reloading press that holds the head of the cartridge case on the ram. I had a situation a little while ago where I was reloading 9mm Luger and I failed to fully seat a newly installed primer. The primer protruded from the bottom of the case and prevented me from removing the completed round from the shell holder in the press. It was stuck. No amount of pulling or maneuvering could dislodge the round.

9mm Luger Shell Holder
9mm Shell Holder

Cool Laser Bullet for Gun Training

Reloading Equipment


I was in a situation where I had a live round stuck in my reloading press. I didn't know what to do. I didn't dare try to reseat the primer on a loaded round fearing a bullet discharge through my ceiling (more likely the bullet would have hit the turret and deflected with a ricochet).

I ended up removing the shell holder including the live round from the press and installed it into my bullet puller. Even though it was not made to operate in that fashion, I discovered that the shell holder fit nicely inside my impact type bullet puller and with a few whacks I was able to separate the round and continue with my reloading process. If I had an extra one I could have simply swapped them out and continued reloading with no interruption.

Shell Holder for 9mm Luger in a Lee Classic Turret Press
Shell Holder for 9mm Luger in a Lee Classic Turret Press Shell Holder in a Press
Installed on Press Ram Holding Ammunition Round


Installing one onto the reloading press ram is easy. You simply line up the circular flange on the bottom and push it into the corresponding opening of the ram.

Should I Buy An Extra One When Purchasing My Reloading Press?

An extra or spare isn't really needed for reloading ammunition with a turret press. The one that came you’re your set of dies is probably sufficient and will never wear out or break. But if you have the extra money and don't wish to be inconvenienced with a work stoppage at a later time it might be a good idea to have an extra one on hand.


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