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Reloading Ammunition
 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

SHOOTING UNKNOWN ROUNDS of ammunition that you pick up from the range floor is a bad idea. It's better to leave them where you find them unless you want them for components.

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Shooting Unknown Ammunition Rounds


A few weeks back at the end of his shooting session a friend of mine picked up a live 9mm Luger round that he found on the range floor and gave it to me. He thought it most likely came from the guy shooting on the other side of him (who had already left the range). I decided not to shoot it just then and I threw it in my range bag.

9mm Luger
Unknown 9mm Luger Round

Bullet primer
Unknown Primer

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Reloading Components

Reloading Equipment


Don't shoot unknown ammunition rounds

A few days later I took a closer look at it and the case had "that look" (different case color) of one of those rounds that use Burdan primers with the two flash holes that aren’t suitable for easy reloading. Out of curiosity I decided to pull the round apart and inspect its' component parts (the bullet, powder, case and primer).

Using an impact bullet puller, I tried to disassemble the round. I wacked the heck out of it four or five times and the darn thing would not separate. I didn't wish to damage my new bullet puller so I stopped trying. I tried to separate the round again the next day using more force on the bullet puller. Still the round would not separate.

That got me to thinking. If that bullet is in there so tight that I could not separate it with a bullet puller, then it might be too dangerous for me to shoot. Maybe the case was crimped too tightly. If so, excessive pressures could build up during firing leaving me with disastrous results.


Never shoot any "found" ammunition or ammunition of unknown origin or ammunition reloaded by others


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Mike Coviello is a former aerospace engineer, now Web Designer/SEO Consultant. Hobbies include shooting zombies & reloading ammunition.






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