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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

I PURCHASED 20,000 TULAMMO PRIMERS (also known as Tula) because they were cheap. I was lucky. Turns out they were good too.

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Tulammo Primers Review


I recently purchased 20,000 Tulammo (also known as Tula) small pistol primers from Powder Valley (10,000 for me and 10,000 for my friend). I usually buy Russian made Wolf primers (because of the cheap price) but Powder Valley does not offer them anymore. In their place they offer TulAmmo and are also Russian made and are very cheap.


Russian Made TulAmmo Primers
Russian Made TulAmmo Primers

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Primer Price Comparison

Prices from the Powder Valley Website as of 8/17/2012

Mfg. Qty. Price
Tula 1,000 $19.60
Winchester 1,000 $26.00
Remington 1,000 $30.00
Federal 1,000 $26.00


As you can see, the Tula are much cheaper than Winchester, Federal and Remington.

They were ordered with two 8 lb. containers of Titegroup smokeless powder. I was surprised to find that both the primers and powder could be shipped in the same box under the same Hazardous Materials shipping fee.

According to the Powder Valley website, a signature is required to receive the order if they ship with FedEx and may be required if they ship with UPS.

After waiting all day for the UPS shipment, it finally arrived. Both were included in the same box (see pictures). The UPS driver just did a drop and run. He didn’t even wait for me to answer the door. So much for requiring a signature. The Tula looked just like Wolf except that in a box of 100 there was no tape on the edge of the box (to keep it closed). The were also gold color instead off silver.


Are Tula Primers Any Good?


I reloaded twenty 9mm reloads with the Tula primers as a test for the following day's range session.

Shooting results: All 20 reloads with Tula fired normally. I will update this page again after shooting more Tula reloads.

Update: I have since reloaded and fired more than 500 of them with no problems whatsoever. They have proven to be reliable and to shoot every time when fired through a Glock 16 or Glock 26. I would definately buy them again.


Tula Pictures

Tulammo Primers 1 Tulammo Primers 2 Tulammo Primers 3 Tulammo Primers 4

Tulammo Primers 5 Tulammo Primers 6 Small pistol primer Small pistol primer impact surface

Small pistol primer closeup Boxes of small pistol primers

These pictures show the boxes that Tula pistol primers came in as well as close-ups photographs.



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From the TulAmmo Website

Non-corrosive boxer. Tula are manufactured in the Murom Apparatus Producing Plant in Russia. At the present time the Tula Cartridge Woks is the leading Russian ammunition factory and the largest supplier of ammunition at home and abroad. Over the past several years the factory launched production of a wide variety of commercial products for training, self-defense and hunting. Such ammunition is marketed in Russia and worldwide under the trademark TULAMMO. We export to North, Central and South America, Australia, to EU countries, to the Middle East and across the CIS. The factory exports over 50 per cent of its overall production.
Non-corrosive boxer
Lead-free non-corrosive boxer
Non-corrosive berdan


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Mike Coviello is a former aerospace engineer, now Web Designer/SEO Consultant. Hobbies include shooting zombies & reloading ammunition.






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