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Lee Classic Turret Press Turret Won't Rotate


When the turret will not rotate on your Lee Classic Turret Press the first thing to try is to tighten the auto index clamp screw (see pictures).


Auto Index Clamp Screw for Lee Classic Turret Press

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How to Fix the Lee Classic Turret Press Turret

  • Lee Classic Turret Press turret will not move when lever p/n BP 3090 is lowered.
  • Nothing happens when I pull the lever on the Lee Classic Turret Press
  • Turret will not rotate when I pull the handle on my Lee Classic Turret Press


When the turret will not rotate on your Lee Classic Turret Press the first thing to try is to tighten the Auto Index Clamp Screw (see pictures). The screw is located on the side of the auto index clamp (Lee p/n TF 3566). The screw holds the two halves of the Auto Index Clamp together and squeezes it against the Square Index Rod (Lee p/n TP 2673).

Over time and use the clamp will sometimes loosen. If this happens, all that is needed is to tighten the clamp screw, but do it slowly and carefully as the clamp is plastic and you may damage the part if over-tightened. Try tightening the screw 1/4 turn at a time while testing the turret operation.


If tightening the screw does not correct the problem most likely you have a worn Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567). Remove the screw completely and inspect the inside of the Auto Index Clamp (TF3566) for worn or damaged parts.

Contained inside the clamp you will find a black square plastic washer called a Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567). As you remove the clamp it will remain installed on the Square Index Rod (TP2673). With use, the Nylon Square Ratchet will wear and deform slightly causing malfunctions of the auto indexing of the turret. It will need to be replaced with a new ratchet.

Auto Index Clamp Screw Nylon Square Ratchet  (TF3567) Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567)
Lee Classic Turret Press
Auto Index Clamp Screw
Nylon Square Ratchet
Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567)
found inside the clamp

The above pictures show a used Lee Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567) that was used to reload 7,500 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition. It took a while for it to wear out to the point that it caused intermittent failure of the auto index feature. Fortunately, Lee provided a spare in the box when I purchased my Lee Classic Turret Press. You can also order additional ratchets from Lee (see below).


Instructions for Replacing the Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567)

Refer to the following picture of the Lee Classic Turret Press for parts identification and configuration.


Turret press parts


  1. Pull the press lever down to raise the auto index clamp a few inches off the press.

  2. Remove the auto index clamp screw.

  3. Open and remove the auto index clamp. The used Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567) should remain hanging on the square index rod TP2673.

  4. To remove the old Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567) you may have to remove or raise the turret to free the square index rod. Remove the old ratchet and clean and lube the rod. Install new ratchet. The ratchet is made with a raised surface on one side. It is installed on the indexing rod with the large side up and the raised surface pointing down. It should fit snugly. You may have to use a little force to push it up the rod past the curved portion of the rod.

  5. Reinstall the turret.

  6. Reinstall the Auto Index Clamp (TF3566) and screw. Be sure not to over-tighten the screw as the threads on the index clamp are plastic and can strip easily.

Ordering Replacement Lee Nylon Square Ratchets (TF3567)

The Nylon Square Ratchet (TF3567) is a small black nylon formed square washer that is installed on the square index rod and is encased inside the auto-index clamp (TF 3566). It will wear out with use. You can order additional nylon square ratchets (TF3567) from Lee by phone or online as shown below.

Lee Classic Turret Press Replacement Parts

From the Lee Website:

If your tool is in warranty, you can return the faulty part to the factory where it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

To purchase parts, you can call the factory direct at (262) 673-3075, or you can order them via our web site, at

Find the product that you need parts for, and then click on the blue words "service parts" next to the product number. This brings up a listing of replacement parts for the item selected. Clicking on the "picture" icon brings up a picture of the part selected.

Our address is:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway "U"
Hartford, WI 53027


Since the ratchets cost only $.50 for two of them I ordered a total of four. While I was at it, I also order the following spare parts.

Qty Product
BP2889A 1 P ARM ASSM SMALL $ 7.00 $ 7.00
TP2119 1 PRIMER GUIDE-SMALL $ .50 $ .50
TP2124 1 PRIMING POST(PIN)SM $ .50 $ .50
TF3567 2 SQUARE RATCHET $ .50 $ 1.00
TP2121 1 SPRING .020 WIRE $ .50 $ .50
TP2108 1 RETAINER/SHELL HLD. $ .50 $ .50
Merchandise Total $ 10.00
Wisconsin Residents
Add 5.6% Sales Tax
$ 0.00
Insurance/Shipping $ 5.00
35% Shipping outside USA $ 0.00
Total for this Order $ 15.00

A $5.00 shipping and handling fee will be applied to my order


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