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Reloading Ammunition
 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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What is an Ammunition Reloading Kit?


A reloading kit contains everything you need (except components such as powder, bullets, primers and specific dies) to reload spent ammunition casings. Many manufacturer kits claim that they are complete kits requiring no additional purchases, but take care and read the customer reviews associated with a particular kit. Reviewers will often tell you what is missing from the kit as well as pointing out the good and bad aspects of it.


Ammunition Reloading

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Should I buy a New or Used Reloading Kit?

If you can save money, there is not reason not to buy a used one. They often have additional components and supplies that the previous loader purchased. You essentially get the kit plus the experience factor of the previous owner. As far as wear and tear goes, the press as well as many of the dyes and components do not degrade significantly. Ask if you can see it in operation before you purchase (if possible).

What is included in A Typical Kit?

Challenger Press
Primer Catcher
Complete Powder-Handling System
- Perfect Powder Measure
- Safety Scale
- powder scales
- powder funnel
- powder data manual
Preparation Tools
- cutter and lock stud to trim cases
- an inside/outside case mouth chamber tool
- primer pocket cleaner
- tube of premium sizing lube
- two Breech Lock Quick Change bushings for changing dies

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