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Wolf Primers Verses Tula (Tulammo) Primers


At first glance Wolf and Tula (in this case, small pistol) seemed the same. I read somewhere in a forum that both are Russian made and that they are made in the same manufacturing plant (unsubstantiated). The forum writer went on to say that they were likely the same only with different brand names. (After buying and using both, I found this not to be true).

Wolf & Tula Primers
Wolf & Tula Primers

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Over the last few years my friend and I have reloaded 20,000 9mm reloads using Wolf small pistol primers. We purchased them in bulk through the Powder Valley website. We each shoot 100 reloads each week at the range. Many times we would shoot the entire session without any failures. Other times we might get one or two failures in a day. Many of the failures that we had would fire on the second try. On average, I would estimate that we have over a 99% success rate with Wolf.


Wolf Verses Tula (Tulammo) Primers Primer Comparison - Wolf Primers Verses Tula (Tulammo) Primers  Small Pistol Primers
Box.  Top view and bottom views. Close-up views of Tula and
Wolf anvils.



After running out of the Wolf we looked to purchase more, only to find that Powder Valley no longer supplied them, but had replaced them with Tula. We never heard of Tula before so I did some internet research on them. Search results were favorable and we each purchased 10,000 of them.

I made up and shot only 20 reloads so far with these and had no failures. So far, so good. Now if only the remaining 19,980 primers fire correctly. Update -  I have since reloaded and fired over 1,000 of these with NO problems. They turned out the be a good buy.

Note: It may be just my imagination, but when I reloaded with the Tula they seemed to require less pressure to insert and seat into the case. This prompted me to investigate a little bit further. From the top photograph it looked like the surface texture of the Wolf may be rougher than the Tula. I then inspected a few of each with a jeweler's loupe and determined that the surface textures had no appreciable differences.



Physical Differences In Wolf & Tula

  1. As evidence by the photographs you can see that there is a color difference in them. Wolf are silver, Tula are gold color.

  2. The Tula have internal rings on the anvil while the Wolf don't.



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Mike Coviello is a former aerospace engineer, now Web Designer/SEO Consultant. Hobbies include shooting zombies & reloading ammunition.






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